Jeffrey Easley attended Oregon State University (B.S. Biology and Chemistry); studied law at the University of Miami (invited to join law review) and University of Denver (international law review); has been licensed to practice law in Colorado since 1987 and in California since 1989; served as a deputy state prosecutor; started his own firm in 1990; and, since then, has represented hundreds of business and real estate owners, executives, professionals, employees, and contract workers – including public figures, business founders, corporate directors and officers, executives and professors at colleges and universities, entertainers, doctors, dentists, and architects; negotiated hundreds of contracts, employment separation agreements, and settlements involving millions of dollars in compensation, severance, stock, benefits, and damages; appeared in over one-hundred California, Colorado, and federal court cases; litigated against governmental entities and Fortune 500 corporations (e.g. General Motors, Sun Microsystems); acted as lead counsel in high profile cases such as In re Denver Yellow Cab (contested receivership proceeding), Ariza, et al. v. US WEST (60 individual sexual harassment cases related to employment of a serial killer – favorable outcomes in all cases), Claice v. Hooters (employment sexual assault), Wesp v. Everson (trial to a specially appointed state Supreme Court Justice), In the Matter of RMS (a child guardianship wrongful death proceeding arising out of the war in Iraq, "Resolving Orphan's Fates," The Denver Post, February 14, 2006, front page headline), and Judge Koehler v. City of Broomfield (2011 breach of a judge's contract); practiced before state and federal courts of appeal; practiced before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (California and Colorado), California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, California Department of Industrial Relations, Colorado Civil Rights Division, and Colorado Department of Labor and Employment; recovered millions of dollars in damages for his clients; started and owned several businesses (over 100 employees); is a novelist (Illusion of Splendor) and owns an independent book publishing company (Waterton Publishing Company); has held a liquor license; represented many business founders, investors, owners, and shareholders; holds a Colorado real estate broker's license; and structured well over one hundred million dollars in Regulation D private securities placements related to, for example, large commercial and residential real estate development projects in the United States, Panama, and Peru, a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey, technology companies, oil and gas and clean energy companies, private trading and investment funds, and many others.


Stephen Demopoulos received his law degree from the University of Southern California School of Law in 2012 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley in 2005. Prior to joining easleyLAW, Stephen worked as an attorney in business and legal affairs at a large entertainment studio. In this role, he served as production attorney for a number of television programs and negotiated television development deals for writing, directing and producing services. Following law school, Stephen worked for a start-up internet entertainment company, drafting intellectual property licensing agreements for the company's digital media, as well as maintaining corporate and financial affairs, such as drafting and distributing Board management, capital financing and equity documents. In addition to his experience in entertainment and corporate transactions, Stephen represents employees in a broad range of employment law matters under federal and state law, including individual discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases. Stephen is a member of the California Bar.


easleyLAW utilizes a network of associate and contract attorneys as necessary depending upon work and projects. These attorneys have various specialties (employment, real estate, immigration, mediations, litigation, arbitrations, business, contracts, trusts and estate planning, injury, etc.) and varying degrees of experience. All are very well-qualified and carefully chosen for the assigned services. Many of these lawyers have independent practices or are out of the general workforce for a variety of reasons, such as raising children, and prefer the flexibility of contract "of counsel" employment.

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